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Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK

Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK
Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK
Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK
Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK
Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK
Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK

Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK   Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK
The'Tone Defender' Instrument Cable. 20' w/BLACK Canare Quad wire. Fits vintage lap steel and steel pedal guitars featuring a 5/8 male center contact screw connector. Also for vintage amps from Masco, DuKane etc... Older test gear, plus Shure, American, Turner and other mic's with the same connector such as the Astatic JT-30 (except for the Chinese made JT30RH). This is one tough cable, the screw fitting end alone undergoes my proprietary. What does "Lifetime" mean, even if honored, "lifetime" does you zero good when a cable fails in the middle of your solo... Better to ignore the unrealistic and often unfulfilled promises, and instead invest in the ONLY screw connector cable proven to stand the test of time. Individually hand crafted using high end Canare L-4E6S Quad Core OFC microphone wire. Solder, multiple layers of expensive double wall self adhesive heat shrink tubing + several exclusive premium features. The only exception is if I'm on tour or on vacation, please contact me before purchasing if your order is time sensitive! Ever wonder why your rig is sometimes quiet and sometimes has more hum? Or why your signal sometimes cuts out or crackles? Aside from issues with incoming power, or problems inside your instrument, mic or amp, these things are usually traceable to a damaged or poorly designed cable...

A Tone Defender properly addressed these common problems. The quad core wire in a Tone Defender offers superior shielding against RF (radio frequency) and EM (electro-magnetic) interference.

When compared to typical twisted pair mic cables or low quality single conductor instrument cable. Of shielding offers real world benefits when on stage surrounded by neon signs, wireless mic transmitters, lighting controllers, speaker wires, and randomly positioned power cables...

As well as the magnetic fields generated by transformers in amps, pedal boards and PA gear. Unlike single conductor cables, the shield on a Tone Defender does not transmit the minus side of the signal, instead, the + and - pathways are.

A pair of conductors that nest safely inside of the shield. This studio grade technology helps provide interference free transmission of your signal in all environments. All that shielding does no good if the cable doesn't hold together... I've put many years of thought and experimentation into that topic, developing and then refining a time consuming multiple step construction process which insures that a Tone Defender is incredibly robust. I think you could probably swing from it (not recommended) and still have it pass a clean signal.

The first ones I made a dozen+ years ago were outstanding, ZERO failures reported so far. Generation Tone Defender, and as good as the others were, these are even stronger... Some other screw fitting cables cost less... But only in the short term. Many of which are well known to fail the first time they are subjected to common twisting forces, or upon receiving the inevitable yank when someone steps on a trailing section. Some others might typically hold up to maybe 2-5 years of careful stage use, but none I've seen come close to comparing to the combination of robust construction and shielding properties of a Tone Defender. ZERO reported failures after 13 years of building the Tone Defender!

I likely earn far less per hour than those who sell the cheaper ones, each Tone Defender takes 2+ hours to hand craft, some all? Of the others would quite obviously take only about 10-15 minutes.

Not much profit here, just wanted to fill the void and offer the music community a clearly superior product that will perform at a very high level. Stand the test of time. Ask the fabricator to cite the. Some of the wire I see used in cheap cables is commonly available for around 2 cents per foot!

Manufacturers of cheap wire often print meaningless buzzwords on their cables such as'Professional'. Low Noise' or'No Noise' (no such thing)...

Despite these goofy claims those products don't measure up. Unlike most cables with synthetic "tweed" wrappings, or with cheesy plastic jackets (you get what you pay for), a Tone Defender will remain flexible in sub-freezing temperatures. Storing or uncoiling the Canare Quad wire in such conditions will not damage the outer jacket or the high grade XLPE insulation surrounding.

Inferior insulation types can actually crack and cause short circuits when flexed or dropped while frozen! Age has a similar effect on the cheap stuff, it tends to dry rot & short out.

While on the topic of tweed jacketed wire... Modern nylon or fiberglass "tweed" covering isn't "cloth" in the sense that we usually think of. It may have a vintage "look", but claims of it being either vintage or cloth seem to be misleading. The "tweed" rubs against the rubbery jacket underneath and can induce capacitance via static charging. Think about rubbing a balloon on your head, it's same general principal.

When capacitance and other specifications are measured they are of course done under ideal lab conditions... On stage in the real world capacitance specs are unlikely to hold true for "tweed" covered cables due to this static charging. Tweed outer jackets make a cable needlessly fat, stiff, and bulky, they take up a lot of extra space in your kit, and add additional stress to the shield underneath when bent at tight angles. Draw tweed covered wire through your hand too fast & you'll wind up with a nasty rope burn! There's also those little bits of synthetic material they shed, which can get inside of your rotary pots, pickups, mic's and input jacks etc when stored together...

Due to hand fabrication the length of a Tone Defender can vary +/- 3 inches (1 is typical). Only a single cable is included, anything else shown is to provide a sense of scale or application. Goofed I'll quickly and cheerfully make it right (within reason). Be patient, I'm retired and occasionally travel; I will quickly take care of you upon returning... Or immediately from a remote location if circumstances permit. No worries for all the good buyers out there, I'm patient with honest misunderstandings, and will quickly and cheerfully fix any problem that may originate on my end. If carrier allows you to file a damage claim on your end you may need to do so in lieu of a return. The item "Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK" is in sale since Friday, March 29, 2019. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Pro Audio Equipment\Cables, Snakes & Interconnects". The seller is "bluzeharp50" and is located in Greeley, Colorado. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, China, Sweden, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, South africa, Thailand, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi arabia, Ukraine, United arab emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa rica, Dominican republic, Panama, Trinidad and tobago, Guatemala, El salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Antigua and barbuda, Aruba, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Saint kitts and nevis, Saint lucia, Montserrat, Turks and caicos islands, Barbados, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brunei darussalam, Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Jordan, Cambodia, Cayman islands, Liechtenstein, Sri lanka, Luxembourg, Macao, Martinique, Maldives, Nicaragua, Oman, Peru, Pakistan, Paraguay, Viet nam, Uruguay, Russian federation.
  • Connector(s) A: Switchcraft female 5/8" screw-on w/center contact
  • Connector(s) B: 6.35 mm (1/4") Jack Male
  • Suited For: Harp Mic
  • Type: Single Cable - Quad Core
  • Color: Black
  • Cable Length: 20 ft
  • Brand: Harmonica Planet.
    Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK   Tone Defender Vintage Lap Steel / Steel Pedal Guitar Cable 20 Foot BLACK