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Animals Pedal Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Brand New

Animals Pedal Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Brand New

Animals Pedal Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Brand New    Animals Pedal Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Brand New

We handle genuine Japanese products. A wall of amplifiers stacked behind many of history's most memorable rock sounds. The amps that started those legends are the envy of guitarists.

The Animals Pedal Major Overdrive is an overdrive that creates the sound of the amps that created legendary rock tones. The new Major Overdrive is easier to change batteries than ever before, while the footswitch is placed farther forward for improved playability. It also allows the beautiful pedal design unique to Animals Pedal to be placed even more beautifully. There are no major differences in sound or functionality, but the overall tonal range has been expanded and fine-tuned to sound its best with more amps and guitars. British amps made in the 60s and 70s later became legendary and the amps that everyone wanted to have in their hands.

With the Animals Pedal Major Overdrive, you get the sound of the amp that would later become known as the Plexi. You may think of plexi as a distortion sound. It is true that if you want to create a quick rock sound, you can use distortion to create atmosphere. However, a real plexi amp is not really distorted as much as it is distorted. It wasn't until after the plexi era that British stacks were able to create strong distortion.

The Major Overdrive is an overdrive that can create distortion from the slightly dirty clean tones of plexi amps to crunch and even a little beyond the "full ten" gain. In other words, you can get not only the tone of 70s plexi amps, but also the "brown sound" of the early days, when people dared to lower the voltage to get distortion beyond the full ten. The hard rock sound of the early 70s seems to have been created with strong distortion, but in fact the gain is not that high. Fast and furious phrases with low strings gain momentum only when the sound is brought forward. With the Major Overdrive, you can easily reproduce this "magic" by setting the GAIN knob near the center. Further up the GAIN knob, the tone changes to a late 70's tone. The Major Overdrive covers the "brown sound" that changed the guitar playing of later generations with its light hand technique, as well as neoclassical leads with lots of legato. The Major Overdrive has all the characteristics of a true vintage British valve amp. The more you use it, the more you will develop an appreciation for realistic amps.

The Major Overdrive makes high gain from clean to rich harmonic brown sounds, and even into neo-classical territory with a single unit. It is highly responsive and the gain can be controlled by guitar volume and picking.

It has the "brown sound" flavor of a British tube amp at reduced voltage, with a clear, low-mid focused and balanced tone that is smooth and extended. The punchy attack is great for cutting and has enough compression for muted playing. With enough distortion to keep each chord separate, this overdrive gives you the brown tones of the "guitar gods" of the late 70s and early 80s.

The Rock Hall of Fame tone that you will want to listen to forever is important for a wide variety of songs and phrasing. Good phrases come to mind because you hear a good sound. The sound that once could only be obtained by carefully carrying in heavy amps and cabinets can now be heard at any time with the Major Overdrive. TONE: Adjusts the tone, focusing on the high-frequency component. GAIN: Adjusts the intensity of distortion. The Major Overdrive has a true-bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center-minus DC 9V adapter.

When using batteries, please unplug the input jack when storing the effects pedal to conserve battery power. Also, if you will not be using the effects pedal for a long period of time, please remove the batteries and store the pedal in a safe place. Animals Pedal x Skreddy Pedals. Skreddy Pedals' Marc Ahlfs has been creating vintage tones that players all over the world crave, and once you taste them, you will never forget them. Skreddy Pedals' effects are known for their extravagance and lavish use of vintage and rare parts.

Because of this, they could never be produced in quantity. We want to deliver the highest quality sound that everyone recognizes to as many people as possible.

To make this a reality, Animals Pedal has decided to release a pedal designed and supervised by builder Marc Ahlfs. With the legendary Skreddy Pedals name on it, the sound had to be uncompromising. At first, we were not sure if we could create the Skreddy Pedals sound with generic parts. The moment I heard the sound of the completed pedal, those fears were blown away.

Marc Ahlfs' work, which was carefully designed down to the deepest depths, was still overwhelming and achieved the highest quality sound quality. It is also completely the sound of Skreddy Pedals. The collaboration between Animals Pedal and Skreddy Pedals shows new possibilities in the world of effects pedals. Due to Japanese Post Service delay, estimated arrival time can be delay.

Depends on custom in your country also. We are always happy to help you and happy to find what you are looking for.

We guarantee all the displayed items are authentic. These charges are the buyers responsibility.

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  • Brand: Animals Pedal
  • Type: Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • To Fit: Electric Guitar
  • UPC: 4562459896208

Animals Pedal Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Brand New    Animals Pedal Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Brand New