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Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New
Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New    Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New
We handle genuine Japanese products. Versatile Sounds and Unprecedented Expression. The DD-8 Digital Delay is the widest-range, most versatile delay pedal in the history of BOSS compact delay pedals. It boasts a wide variety of sounds, flexible delay times, and a wealth of control options and connections. The 11 delay modes range from basic sounds that fit in with a wide range of music genres to unique sounds that capture the imagination of the player. The DD-8 is the ideal compact delay pedal, offering maximum performance in minimal space. Cutting-edge BOSS compact delay pedal. 11 modes including standard digital delay, vintage echo, shimmer, modulation, looper, and more. Looper function allows up to 40 seconds of recording, and an external footswitch can be used to control record/playback, stop, and erase independently. Three newly developed delay modes (WARM/+RV/GLT). Tap tempo function allows control of up to 10 seconds of delay time. Carry-over switch allows you to choose whether to leave the delay sound on or off when the effect is turned off. Fully stereo inputs and outputs. Three stereo output modes (fully independent stereo, panning, and wide stereo).

Various input/output options mono, stereo, direct/effects, effects only, etc. Control via two external footswitches or expression pedals.

A unique twist effect can be added to all delay modes by connecting an external footswitch. The DD-8 is equipped with a wide variety of delay modes and boasts an overwhelmingly wide range of high-quality sounds in a compact chassis. The DD-8 also features STANDARD for a clean digital delay, ANALOG and TAPE ECHO for warm vintage sounds, MODULATION for a shimmering delay sound, WARP for a fantastic ambient sound, and the original SHIMMER and REVERSE modes. The system is also equipped with the original SHIMMER and REVERSE. The new modes include +REVERB, which blends the delay sound with reverb, WARM, for a milder yet more present sound, and GLT, which delivers rhythmic delays. Stereo connection creates an expansive space.

In addition to fully stereo-compatible inputs and outputs, the DD-8 is equipped with three stereo output modes (fully independent stereo, panning, and wide stereo), which can be set to the output mode that best suits the desired sound image to produce a more spacious delay sound. In fully independent stereo mode, INPUT A is output independently to OUTPUT A (or OUTPUT A/B when only INPUT A is used), and INPUT B is output independently to OUTPUT B. In addition, a panning mode, in which the delay sound jumps from left to right, and a wide stereo mode, in which the reverberation sound has a spatial spread, provide a more expansive delay sound on the stereo outputs. A full range of control options to support your performance.

The DD-8 offers a wide variety of control options that allow you to control the delay in real time while performing. The pedal switch on the main unit supports a tap tempo function that allows you to change the delay time with your foot while playing, as well as controls for unique delay sounds such as WARP and GLT. In addition, up to two external footswitches can be added to support free and creative playing, such as tap tempo, looper control, and the addition of tricky TWIST effects. In addition, an expression pedal can be used to continuously control any or all of E.

The DD-8's LOOPER mode can be used for all of these purposes. The pedal switch on the main unit controls all looper functions, and an external footswitch can be connected to stop and clear loop tracks with a single action. Simple and smart output settings. The delay sound of the DD-8 can be easily selected by connecting cables to different outputs. This is ideal for blending in parallel effects loops such as amplifiers.

When using the mono connection with INPUT A and OUTPUT B, it is possible to double the normal delay time. Analog - reproduces the classic analog delay sound using BBDs. Standard - Clear digital delay. Tape - Vintage tape echo based sound.

Warm - Mild, warm digital delay. Reverse - Reversed delay sound. +RV - digital delay with reverb added. Shimmer - Delay sound with pitch-shifted notes.

Mod - a digital delay with fluctuations. Warp - Fantastic ambient sound. Hold the pedal switch to increase feedback and level. GLT - Newly developed machine-gun like delay sound, adjustable FEEDBACK and TIME for a variety of effects. Loop - Looper allows up to 40 seconds of recording/overdub (20 seconds in stereo).

Regulated input level -20dBuRegulated input impedance 1MORegulated output level -20dBuRecommended output impedance 1kORecommended load impedance 10kO or moreBypassBuffered bypass controlMODE knob. Pedal switch indicatorCHECK indicator (also used for battery check)Connection terminalsINPUT-A (MONO)/INPUT-B terminals: standard type. OUTPUT-A (MONO)/OUTPUT-B terminals: standard type. TEMPO/EXP terminal: TRS standard type.

DC IN terminal power supply Alkaline battery (9V type). Attachment leaflet (safety precautions, precautions for use, contact for inquiries). Alkaline battery (9V type, already connected to the main unit).

Expression pedals: FV-500H, FV-500L, EV-30, Roland EV-5 Dimensions / WeightWidth (W)73 mmDepth (D)129 mmHeight (H)59 mmMass (including batteries)440 g. Due to Japanese Post Service delay, estimated arrival time can be delay. Depends on custom in your country also. We are always happy to help you and happy to find what you are looking for.

We guarantee all the displayed items are authentic. These charges are the buyers responsibility.
Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New    Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New