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Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp

Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp

Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp    Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp
Custom Shop presets were created by various players fluent in the corresponding musical styles. Model of guitar was used wherever possible, ala Jimi with a maple-necked Stratocaster. Consequently, some presets may seem to be more. Than you would prefer, or seem louder or quieter than some of the other presets. This is natural, because if person. In a tiled room, and person. Uses a Jazz guitar in a carpeted room, they will achieve very different end results. You can easily move the knob settings and store your changes if desired.

Most of our Cyber-presets are designed to let the unique character of your instrument and playing style come through. S why thousands of pros and hobbyists alike have added the Cyber-Twin. SE to their tone toolbox! E amplifier is the crowning achievement of Fender. S most advanced research and development project.

Brought to you by the same Tone. Team that created the original Cyber. SE (Second Edition) is refined and updated with additional amp designs and effects.

Series amplifiers are endowed with Fender. Technology (patent number 6,222,110). Different amplifiers according to circuit design.

Starting with a virtual circuit board, the Cyber-Twin. SE amplifier "rewires" its fundamental architecture tubes, resistors, capacitors, etc. To become the essence of all the amplifier greats.

Tweed and Modern amps, and even the best of the British amps! Amplifier allows you to be the amp designer. Start with one of 150 permanent amp and effect setups stored within the Cyber-Twin. Twist some knobs, make some changes, then SAVE to one of the 100.

Preset locations reserved onboard for your original amplifier designs. MIDI implementation on the Cyber-Twin. Amplifier also puts a huge array of studio.

Quality effects at your command: Reverb, Modulation and Delay effects, enough to satisfy most any sonic appetite. So you can use the line outputs or headphones to enjoy a fully ambient stereo dimension.

Power amp circuitry and Celestion. Speakers deliver powerful, responsive Tone to you and your audience. 40 character display shows you menu options, prompts and amp design information. The data wheel enables you to select a dynamic range of settings.

8 motorized knobs automatically rotate to adjust to preset selections, MIDI continuous controller sequences and input from a MIDI pedal or analog expression pedal. 100 custom amp designs including effects. 100 of your own (rewritable) amp and effects designs.

50 classic amp designs as originally manufactured. 24 continuous controllers for automatic, sequenced control of amplifier settings.

An assignable continuous controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter. 4 system exclusive functions for transferring presets and updating systems. 4 solid state types including new Extreme setting. 2 vacuum tubes are used in the tube drive and the analog circuitry, (12AX7WC), now externally accessible. 6 tone stacks, each with 2 location parameters (before/after the drive circuitry).

43 FX (effects) selections with 4. 11 Reverb types with 4 adjustable parameters each. A hum reduction button to reduce line noise. 3 noise gate levels with an adjustable depth parameter. 8 timbre types give instant tone shaping for style accent or balance.

4 line/speaker phase settings allow you to reverse the polarity of each speaker independently. 8 reverb/effects bypass combinations (or vibratone rotor speed) that you can toggle by footswitch. 4 quick access keys for one button access to favorite amp design presets. 4 button footswitch for hands free selection of your quick access presets. The expression pedal jack allows you to control nearly every preset controllable parameter with an analog expression pedal (optional). 130 watts of stereo output power, (65 watts per channel). Two 12 inch, 8 ohm Celestion. 1 stereo digital line output, RCA SPDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment. 2 stereo XLR impedance balanced output jacks, with mono/stereo selection switch.

3 effects loop jacks (mono out, and mono or stereo in) with -10dbv/+4dbu switch. 2 speaker extension jacks for experimenting with other external speaker cabinets. This page introduces key concepts for the basic operation of your Cyber. The following pages provide an overview of each item on the front and rear panels.

Shows vital information and menus for the Cyber-Twin. Works dynamically with the display giving you full control over preset selection, effect parameters and system configuration.

The display also responds to the use of panel knobs or buttons providing useful information. To edit amplifier designs, effects and system utilities; each mode determines the functions of the display and data wheel.

Is active whenever the Cyber-Twin. SE amplifier is first switched on. After booting up, the display will show information about the current preset.

The first line displays the preset location (bank/number) and name. The second line displays the type of.

Controls (treble, middle, bass), tone stack location (pre/post distortion) and the active effect. In play mode, the data wheel selects presets.

There are three banks of. (P00-P99) presets are rewritable for you to save your own amp and effect designs.

SE is instantly reconfigured to the settings saved within a selected preset. SE automatically adjust to the preset settings.

You can safely interrupt knob rotation anytime by manually stopping it. Note that the display will temporarily indicate knob position when turned manually. Changes you make to amplifier settings volume, tone, effects, etc. Will be lost upon selecting a different preset or turning the amplifier off, unless you save them.

Simply by pressing SAVE, selecting a Player. S Lounge preset to overwrite and pressing SAVE again. Blinks as a reminder to save settings once a change is made.

Must be disabled before you can save! Are activated by pressing the corresponding buttons to the right of the display. Use these modes for modifying amp design, selecting and editing effects and for system management. Is activated using the TUNER button; use it to tune your guitar. Is reactivated by pressing EXIT. Use it to play guitar! Are supplied with your Cyber-Twin. Connect them to the appropriate rear panel jacks to enable remote selection of your Quick Access buttons and Reverb/Effects bypass. Input connection for your guitar. Sets the input signal level for proper analog.

Adjust TRIM so that most of the green LED. Stay on at normal playing levels and the red LED. Flashes occasionally while playing at peak intensity. This knob is not preset programmable nor motorized.

Adjusts the distortion level and contributes to overall amplifier loudness. Use VOLUME {D} to compensate for any undesired volume level change resulting from a GAIN level change. Distortion signal level and contributes to overall amp loudness. Use in conjunction with GAIN {C} to normalize volume differences between presets. Several knobs affect the overall loudness of the amplifier.

TRIM Supply proper signal level to DSP GAIN Adjust distortion level VOLUME Equalize level differences between presets MASTER Global volume and maximum level governing. TREBLE / MIDDLE / BASS. NO NO YES YES YES YES NO YES.

Adjusts tone in the high. Adjusts tone in the ultra-high frequency range. The distortion circuitry for a crisp tone sparkle. Adjusts the level of the active Reverb. Enter AMP edit mode to select Reverb types and edit Reverb parameters (see page 14). Controls the overall loudness of the amplifier. MASTER VOLUME is not preset programmable, although it is motorized so that it can be controlled remotely by expression pedal or MIDI. Remote operation of MASTER VOLUME is limited to a maximum value defined by where the MASTER VOLUME is set manually on the front panel. Set the MASTER VOLUME knob to the desired maximum level and motorized control will be confined to the range below that boundary. Provides instant access to four favorite presets. To assign a button, first select the preset with the data wheel. Lights up when your new QUICK ACCESS button has been activated. Press the same button or corresponding footswitch button to recall the assigned preset. Saves the current amplifier configuration as a new preset.

1 Press SAVE once and a Player. S Lounge preset location is displayed. S Lounge preset to overwrite using the data wheel. Press EXIT to cancel the save operation.

3 Press SAVE again and your new preset will be stored. The SAVE LED flashes after an amp setting is changed as a reminder to save. If a different preset is selected before the current configuration is saved, your changes will be lost. Flashes and audio is muted while the tuner scale is displayed.

Turns the noise gate on/off. Use it to reduce static and environmental noise transmitted through nearby electronic devices. Enter AMP edit mode to edit noise gate depth and threshold parameters (see page 14). In PLAY mode, TAP sets the time/rate interval of the active effect, if applicable.

Press TAP at least twice at the desired rate to set the interval by feel (the average of the last five taps is calculated for multiple taps). Press TAP once for the longest interval possible. Flashes at the interval rate which is also temporarily displayed. Adjust the time/rate parameter accessed in the FX edit mode for precision control of the TAP interval (see the FX menus on page 16 for details).

In UTILITY mode, TAP is used to confirm menu actions. PEAK flashes when the DSP circuit is. Reduce VOLUME if undesirable distortion is heard while this LED is on, then use MASTER to the increase loudness level.

MIDI is on when the Cyber. Reduces environmental hum in some situations using a patented algorithm that seeks out line frequencies and squelches only the hum, without degrading your music! Adjusts the level, parameter 1 and parameter 2 of the active effect, respectively. The functions of these knobs as well as additional parameters can be accessed through the FX edit mode (see page 16). Your interface for controlling the dynamic functions described throughout this manual (See the Overview on page 8).

The AMP and FX buttons activate the AMP and FX (effects) edit modes respectively. For the AMP edit menus see page 14; FX edit menus see page 16. For the UTILITY edit menus, see page 24.

Activates the default PLAY mode (except during factory preset restore and MIDI data transfers). Switches Power on or off to the Cyber-Twin.

Connection for the included power cord. Connect to a grounded AC outlet in accordance with the voltage and frequency ratings listed on the rear panel of your Cyber. Button footswitch using the MIDI type cable provided. Use this footswitch to remotely activate the Quick Access presets. Although the footswitch uses a MIDI type cable, the footswitch is an analog device and should only be connected to the FOOT SWITCH jack.

Connection for a standard expression foot pedal (optional) used to remotely control any of the following parameters: GAIN, VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS, PRESENCE, REVERB, MASTER, any Reverb parameter, or any effect parameter. Expression pedal assignment is preset programmable through the AMP edit mode (see page 15). Connection for the included one-button footswitch. Use this footswitch to remotely bypass Reverb and/or effects in one of 8 input/output configurations. Or, if Vibratone is the active effect, you can switch between rotor speeds (set Reverb/FX bypass parameter to Vibro Fast/Slow).

Reverb/FX bypass is preset programmable through the AMP edit menu (see REVERB / FX BYPASS on page 15). This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Guitars & Basses\Guitar Amplifiers". The seller is "riskyb798" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Number of Channels: 84 presets plus you can add your own pre-sets
  • Model: Cyber Twin
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Mexico
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Amplifier Technology: Hybrid
  • Suitable For: Performance, Acoustic Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lap & Pedal Steel Guitar, Resonator Guitar
  • UPC: 0717669302566
  • Brand: Fender
  • Number of Speakers: 2
  • MPN: 2290006010
  • Amplifier Type: Combo

Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp    Fender Cyber-Twin FE 65 watt Guitar Amp